When planning any type of school trip in NYC, one of the most important things to address is the need for transportation. While a normal school bus is fine for a short trip, they aren’t a good option for anything longer than 10-15 miles. This is because these busses don’t have comfortable seats, or enough room for people to move around. In addition, they don’t have bathroom facilities on board, so you may end up having to stop every few miles. The bottom line is, school busses are made to fit as many people in as possible, without really thinking too much about comfort.

For any type of longer school trip, you will want to make sure you use a motor coach that is able to comfortably fit everyone so you can all enjoy the ride. Luxury motor coaches have individual seats with plenty of leg room for everyone to be comfortable. There is also a storage area under the bus, so you don’t have to cram bags or other items in with the students. Depending on the type of bus, you can even have televisions with VCRs and/or DVD players on board to keep everyone entertained.


There are many different types of trips that schools bring their students on. The following are some of the most popular, all of which can benefit from having a comfortable bus to use as transportation:

  • Long Field Trips – Many field trips take the students well away from the school itself. In order to make sure you get there on time, use a motor coach. This will eliminate the need for bathroom stops and help everyone to have a great time before, during and after the field trip.
  • Senior Trips – Many high schools have their senior class take a trip to celebrate their pending graduation. This is a great way to ensure everyone is able to have fun and make great memories with their friends before parting ways after graduating.
  • Sporting Events – Getting your sports teams to and from their events is absolutely critical. You don’t want them to be cramped up and uncomfortable for the trip, especially when competing against a school that is far away.
  • Band Competitions – Marching bands often have to travel quite some distance to get to their competitions. With dozens or even hundreds of students, along with their often large instruments, it is important to have a bus that is big enough to fit it all.

There are, of course, many other reasons why schools need transportation options that go beyond the traditional yellow school bus. Next time you are planning any type of student bus trip, make sure you book a great luxury motor coach to ensure it all goes smoothly.


Here at NY Bus Charter we can provide transportation for any type of school trip. We can even book multiple buses to make sure everyone is able to fit in comfortably without any problems.

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